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I'm a lifelong woodworker who has a passion for creating as well as repairing fine furniture and wood work.  I fell in love with woodworking at the age of 12 while taking my first wood shop class.  With the exception of the 11 years I spent in the US Army, I've worked in and around woodworking and tools since then.  During some phases of my life I worked part time in the wood shop, but mostly it has been my full time endeavor.  

I now have over 30 years experience designing, building, and repairing furniture for people up and down the eastern seaboard.  I began working in New England, then in 2008 moved my business to Tampa Bay Florida.  

While woodworking is still my passion, I have expanded my business to include handyman services.  These include drywall, painting, small repairs and more.  Contact me and I'll honestly discuss with you if your project fits my skill set or not.


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